Hi, I am Lu


Industrial Designer · UI / UX Designer · Brand Strategist · Design Engineer

Italy   ·  Taiwan  ·  USA





These include projects I have done in different design studios as well as projects from Harvard.

Project domain across industrial design, UI/UX, branding, and technology strategy projects.

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About Me


I am a Product Designer, Mechanical Engineer and a Design Strategist with an international perspective and a passion for design that fits the people, time and space.

I like making things, and making them make sense. Through robust research,  recursive divergent-convergent process and a fail-fast-to-succeed-early philosophy, I constantly strive to help my work take its best possible form.

Design to me is the rigor of constant iteration towards incorporating perfection in products and services that are beyond skin deep.

I always bring good design (and wine) to work. Cheers!




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