Interaction Design · Industrial Design · UI/UX Design
Harvard 2017    |    Collaboration with Brian Ho, Difei Chen, Eric Moed


Momento is a project that consists street furniture design-- physical and digital interaction, as well as carrying bottle lamp design and mobile app design. The concept starts with seeing local problem in Bergamo-- a typical mid-sized Italian city-- but end up with a solution that can be implemented in cities worldwide.


Problem &
Space Research


What we found in Bergamo

Bergamo, with a rich history, is now a mid-sized city in Italy. With the charismatic "Cita Alta" upper town and a nearby international airport, it is now a city that welcomes not only people from Italy, but also international tourists and immigrants.


Via Quarenghi

Via Quarenghi is one of the street in Bergamo that has a bigger immigrants population ratio compared to the rest of the city. This street it...

A close community, with some distrust and distance from locals.
A shopping district with both independent stores and vacant storefronts.
A street with a rich history and spirit that is also struggling to grow.

What we see is, many cities has their own "Via Quarenghi". Our design approach is to create a solution that builds a new identity for the street, make the cultural barriers transparent and regenerate the street.




"We believe in a future regeneration also in the middle of the street that is able to attract young people"

--Local Vender




Problems with Shopping

Traditional retail becomes increasingly transactional.
Street retail and shopping districts struggle to compete with online shopping.
Convenience is King -- and convenience is the experience.


The Future of Shopping is...

More Personal -- built on person-to-person relationships
More Urban -- using pop-ups and light furniture to make the street responsive.
More Experiential -- the city as a literal user journey