Domino Sugar

Industrial Design · Brand Strategy · Market Research
Harvard 2017     |    Collaboration with Maggie George, Sol Yoon, Jiabao Li


We started by analyzing the current brand situation: user base, brand architecture, brand personality, current product lines and positioning strategy, as well as finding trends of the market and user groups, in order to identify emerging white space and possible new product that will broaden the brand's targeted market.




War of Sugar

Sugar has a bad name now.It once was considered as luxury goods, now as something cheap and bad for you. Domino Sugar is under this trend now, what it needs is a way to change people's perception of sugar. We are not fighting the war of being healthy or not. We are finding other field where sugar hasn't entered.


What is Domino Sugar's current market?

Domino Sugar is the only sugar manufacturer that has been making sugar for over 200 years for matriarchs and homemakers in the Eastern United States who need some sweet in their life during a time when the market is saturated with artificial foods. From market research, we found their current customer group has a heavier portion on people between 45 - 65 years old, with income under 70K annually.

We want to expend their market by create a new product that target the millennial, who want to enjoy the sweet pleasures sugar can offer while maintaining a balanced lifestyle during a stressful time of uncertainty about artificial food, healthy eating, and the economic future of the U.S.


What's not working currently?

After testing many product from Domino Sugar, we identified several main complains for their current product -- Hard to measure, Messy, Often times no reseal. 


White Space


Sugar can work not only as a sweetener, but to also sooth the tongue from spicy food, keep the flowers fresh for longer, even as a beauty product as sugar scrub. This change of form, from granulated sugar to sugar sheets, not only make it possible for people to carry around, but also expand where sugar can live in aisles in store-- spice section, travel section, even oral care section.