Industrial Design · User Interface Design
Ronen Joseph Design Sudio · 2014

"DNAPhone" company information: http://www.dnaphone.it/en/


DNAPhone is a star-up company creating optoelectronic devices for portable diagnostics. The design takes the restriction of mechanical components in mind, but instead of limiting our design, we experimented on different prototypes and created the design that fits ergonomics needs, creates better user experience, and not sacrifice the functionality.


The whole set contains three part: machine, phone holder and the phone. User may press open the machine and put the to-be-examined liquid inside. Once put inside, user may put the phone holder and the phone onto the exact place, open the application and start the examination.



For further use, we developed another system integrated with a raspberry and a CCD that can be connected with computers easily, allow user to develop their desired functions and ways of controlling.



For this early prototype, the phone holder is based on every single phone type. To locate the camera exactly at the right spot, we set not only the square on the top, but also the magnetic piece in the center to stick onto the machine.



After 3D printed several versions, we user tested both the ergonomics and the user experience with different versions and determined the next steps.